Group Insurance Scheme

Benefits booklet

This booklet contains all the benefits of the Group Insurance Scheme

Travel Insurance Booklet

This policy is designed to meet the demands and needs of those who are travelling on conventional holidays.(Please note this statement does not constitute advice or a personal recommendation of the travel insurance product.

Travel Insurance Policy Schedule

This policy is designed to meet the demand and needs of those who are travelling on conventional holidays.

Premium Costs

Here you can see the premium costs for the Group Life Insurance Scheme that you pay monthly

Scheme Application Form

Complete this application form if you are applying to enter into the Group Life Insurance scheme

Spouse/Partner Applicatiion form

The spouse and Partner application form, to be a partner there must be some shared financial commitment (Joint Mortgage, Bank Account or rent agreement) There must also have been a permanent relationship for atleast 12 months, this includes same sex partners.

Personal Accident & Half Pay Summary

The following policy summary does not contain all of the policy cover, exclusions or conditions which can be found in the Group Policy Wording, a copy of which can be obtained by contacting the federation office

Call Assist Break Down Cover

Please check Your Policy Schedule to ensure You have the level of cover You need and read the following to help You use the service.

Legal Expenses Policy

This policy summary shows you the Legal Expenses and Professional Fees that you are covered for within the group insurance Scheme,