No1 Copper Pot Credit Union

No1 CopperPot Credit Union is the biggest credit union in England and Wales, and the biggest Police credit union in the UK. We offer a range of savings, loans and mortgages. Whether you’re a saver or a borrower, we have something to suit you.

  • Save between £5 and £1,000 per month through your Gwent Police payroll
  • Withdraw your savings at any time with no penalty
  • Borrow up to £25,000 unsecured
  • Earn your share of our profits in the form of an annual dividend
  • Life Protection is included on your savings and loans (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Once a member always a member.

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 No1 Copper Pot Credit Union


It's 2018, step up your game



It's time for a change

Everyone always seems to have the same aim each year - "new year, new me". But if you don't change anything, how is it a "new you"? Maybe 2018 is time for change. Perhaps you may want to travel to somewhere different on holiday, try a new look or maybe even strive for that promotion?

It's 2018, aim high. If your finances are the only thing holding you back this year, let this be the year you sort them out and get to where you want to be. Start saving, be savvy and if you need to borrow, make sure it's something that's right for you. 


How No1 CopperPot Credit Union can help

  • Save each month directly from your payroll
  • Access your savings whenever you need them, with no penalty
  • Join the Credit Union simply by saving with us each month (at least £5)
  • You're able to apply for loans as soon as you join
  • Lots of added benefits such as mortgages, Life Protection and an annual dividend...




Start saving!

When you save via payroll deduction, it's much easier to save what you don't see. Saving £30 each month could give you over £300 for Christmas 2018! Open a Member Account with us and your money able to be withdrawn whenever you need, with no penalties for withdrawing either. Great, eh?

Read about the Member Account  »


Save for your children 

As every parent knows, taking care of children isn't cheap. And when they grow up it doesn't change either. When you open a Junior Account with us you can save direct from your payroll, or save using your debit card/cheque whenever suits you. Maybe you should start saving sooner rather than later?
Open a Junior Account today  »





Struggling to juggle your debt? 

If you're struggling to repay debts where interest rates are high, consolidating your debts into a loan with a cheaper interest rate could help you. Do the maths and see if it could help you. 

Use the loans calculator  »

Do the maths

It's important to review your income and outgoings to understand where your money goes. Think of it as an exercise for your wallet! You're welcome to download our budget planner to do this.

Download the Budget Planner  »





Need to ask us something?

You can always call us on 0161 741 3160 during office hours, or email us at We're always happy to help.

Pay Plan Debt Help for Police Officers

Free and confidential debt help for police officers.

At PayPlan, we understand the impact that debt can have on you, your family and your life. But, unlike other debt solution providers, we believe that you can, and should, live a happy life whilst repaying your debt.

We’ve been helping police officers in difficult financial situations similar to yours for over 20 years, and during that time we’ve developed a wide range of practical, long-term solutions that can not only help to manage your debt, but also enable you to live your life.

PayPlan can help you

PayPlan is a debt management company with an excellent reputation for free debt advice and support. They listen to you with sympathy and impartiality, and then provide appropriate debt solutions that really are an affordable and sustainable way out of debt.

Talking to a reputable debt management company like PayPlan demonstrates that you’re serious about addressing your debts, and this alone can result in a more positive relationship with your creditors. In fact by maintaining a PayPlan debt solution, you could find that you won’t be contacted by your creditors at all with any demands for payment!

So once you begin a debt solution with PayPlan, for as long as you keep to your new affordable repayments, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re paying into a debt plan that really can help you achieve freedom from debt.

 Tax Rebates

Personal Taxation Service

During the last 20 years, the team at Personal Taxation Services have reviewed millions of tax codes for UK tax payers and helped recover over £112 million in overpaid tax. 

Over 1 in 3 people who complete the tax code review service receive money back from HMRC because Personal Taxation Services found their clients had been allocated an incorrect tax code at some time in the past 4 years.

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