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The Latest Police Grant Settlement is a Joke

Responding to the announcement today of the Police Grant Settlement 2015/16, Steve White, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said:

“Having already endured budget cuts in excess of 20 per cent and the subsequent loss of over 16,000 police officers, today’s announcement is yet another blow. A further cut of almost 5 per cent in the next financial year will mean the public just won’t be getting the same level of service. Less money means more cuts to frontline services and more pressure on officers, set against growing demands for service.

“We are expected to police historic crimes dating back decades; deal with current crime and disorder, including the threat of international terrorism; and tackle the changing face of crime, including the immense resources that cyber-crime involves."

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Latest Offer from Vauxhall Partners

A Consensus on Policing in Wales

Foreword by Steve White, Chairman, PFEW:

"From Accrington to Aberystwyth, Brighton to Bangor, or Coventry to Cardiff, policing in England and Wales has a distinct and unique identity. A unique identity of policing by consent where the police are the public and the public are the police; this is the very foundation that makes the British police service the envy of other forces throughout the world."

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This document is intended to provide guidance and a checklist of actions for all Chief Constables and Commissioners to take account of when deciding on cases under investigation for offences of dangerous driving or driving without due care and attention whilst undertaking policing duties.

The need to provide such a checklist is in response to concerns raised from the judiciary and operational personnel, for the lack of consistency in which a number of these type of incidents are dealt with using the legal system.   There is a common thread of evidence being presented in case files, which has not been properly considered, gathered or presented in a structured way, which gives CPS lawyers the best, and most accurate information on which to base their decisions.

The necessity to produce a checklist and validity of purpose has been discussed with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the policy head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) who have welcomed the helpful support available through this process.

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Changes to the Philip Williams Bupa Scheme

The annual pricing review for the PW Bupa Healthcare Scheme has now been completed. The good news is that significant growth in scheme numbers during the past 12 months has enabled us to negotiate a good deal with Bupa, which has kept monthly subscription increases to an absolute minimum and below the level of medical inflation, whilst still providing the most comprehensive and affordable healthcare product in the Police market.

As NHS funding is under pressure, and there are increasing demands on the service, continued membership of this scheme ensures prompt access to diagnosis and treatment as this could impact future job security and lifestyle.

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Howells Solicitors

Matrimonial Surgeries with Howells Solicitors

The Gwent Police Federation has now secured free initial consultations with Howells Solicitors to discuss your matrimonial problems. If you have any matrimonial issues that you'd like to discuss in a confidential setting, contact the office to make an appointment or visit their web site and ring Howells directly.

Howells Legal

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Motor Source Group Offers

Updated for December 2014

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Simply Health

You can now view the full Simply Health brochure including the ways in which you can claim and what you're entitled to by clicking here or the image above.


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